Teens Stranded 40 Feet In The Air After Carnival Ride Malfunctions

A group of Florida teens were left stranded 40 feet in the air after a carnival ride malfunctioned.

Fire crews were dispatched to Old Town Park in Kissimmee, Florida after a ride called the Slingshot got stuck when a cable snapped. The Osceola County Fire Rescue and EMS posted photos from the accident on their Facebook page when they had to work to rescue two teenagers. Riders had to be freed with a rescue crane, and fortunately no one was injured. 

"The ride is designed with redundancy, so if something like this does happen, it’s very unusual to begin with, but if it does, then we have a backup system and everything went fine. The only unfortunate situation is they were suspended on the ride for a few hours," says John Stine the director of marketing and sales for Old Town Slingshot told Click Orlando.

Park officials say the ride passed its last inspection March 19th and does daily inspections of all their rides. The malfunctioning ride and three other slingshot rides in the state of Florida have all been closed down.

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Photo: Getty

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