Staples, Office Depot Will Laminate Your Vaccine Card For Free

Okay, so you've finally got your COVID-19 vaccine card — now what are you going to do? Spill coffee on it?

We don't yet fully know how important vaccine cards are going to be over the next year, but keeping them intact and legible will probably be important for all vaccine recipients.

Fortunately, Staples and Office Depot are offering to laminate those cards for free.

Why laminate it? Well, you might want to keep it as a memento. But it's also possible that proof of vaccination will be needed in the future to do things like board a plane or enter a hospital. That is why Staples is offering that service for FREE this week and Office Depot has announced that it will have a 'free lamination program' through summer. As people anticipate being asked to show their card as proof of being vaccinated, it is important to keep this document safe. There are rumors you may need it before you go on a plane, attend a concert, visit someone at the hospital or enter a school.

The information on the card including the vaccine brand you got can also be vital for possible booster shots of the vaccine. If you have your card completely filled already, it may be important to make a copy of it now and get it laminated!

Photo: Getty

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