New Yorkers Ages 30+ Will Be Vaccine-Eligible Starting Tuesday, March 30

New Yorkers ages 30 and older will be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine starting Tuesday, March 30, at 8 a.m. New Yorkers ages 16 and up will be eligible a week later on Tuesday, April 6, says Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The announcement Monday comes as coronavirus cases in New York and New Jersey have spiked to a national high.

It also signals that New York State will meet President Joe Biden's mandate that all U.S. adults be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine by May 1. New York will meet the deadline nearly a month early, one day after Connecticut expands eligibility to all adults.

As of Monday, 30 percent of New Yorkers had received at least one dose of the vaccine; 17 percent of the state's population is fully vaccinated.

"Today we take a monumental step forward in the fight to beat COVID," Cuomo said. "New York will double down on making the vaccine accessible for every community to ensure equity, particularly for communities of color who are too often left behind. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but until we get there it is more important than ever for each and every New Yorker to wear a mask, socially distance and follow all safety guidelines."

Currently, only the Pfizer vaccine is approved for people as young as 16, per the CDC. Modern and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are authorized for those 18 and up.

New Jersey on Monday surpassed 4 million vaccine doses administered. State officials said more than 1 in 5 adults in the Garden State have been fully vaccinated, though demand continues to outpace supply.

New Jersey expanded vaccine eligibility on Monday to frontline essential workers, in retail, food service and distribution, hospitality, clergy, shipping and the judicial system.

On Monday, April 5, the New Jersey will move into Group 1C of its distribution model, including all individuals 55 and up, people 16 and up with developmental disabilities and other workers who deal with the public regularly.

Photo: Getty Images

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