Jersey City Providing Buses For Homeless To Shower, Do Laundry

Jersey City, New Jersey, is working to make health services more accessible to the homeless. They’re turning two retired school buses into mobile units where those experiencing homelessness can shower, do laundry and get health screenings and counseling.

The “health buses” will include two full shower and bathroom units, two washers and dryers, a medical consultation room and free Wi-Fi. They’ll travel on a scheduled route and will be free for all people to use, but they’re specifically targeting women who are homeless to provide them with safe spaces.

“Our homeless are at special risk and special concern,” explains Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop. “As we’ve already found with the public showers and the free testing we’re offering, by mobilizing our efforts directly to targeted areas and populations, we’re making our city services more accessible and therefore more utilized by those who need it most.”

The buses are expected to be finished and on the road by mid-April.

Source: Good Morning America

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