Reports: Cuomo Admin Arranged For Special Access To COVID Testing

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo doesn’t just have sexual harassment allegations to fight anymore. While he’s already facing investigations into those – as well as how his state-reported nursing home deaths related to Covid, now comes word that his family got priority coronavirus testing in the early days of the pandemic.

Multiple media outlets say Cuomo's administration arranged for special treatment for his family and other influential people in the state. Cuomo's brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, and his family were among those who benefited from it. So what now?

Tuesday's meeting between state legislators and lawyers investigating Cuomo is likely the first in a very long process – one they could take months. Lawmakers have launched a tip hotline for any information related to the multiple scandals facing the governor, while also warning Cuomo not to interfere. The Assembly is not yet initiating impeachment proceedings but it's taking the first step in that direction, which is something not seen in New York State since 1913.

Source: Axios

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