Is Remote Working More Productive?

While employees may be concerned that remote work is lonely or making their sweatpants shift from comfortable to functional, employers are mostly concerned with one thing. Productivity. If they’re letting their workers sit at home and collect a paycheck, they want to know they’re getting something for their investment. And according to a new study they are... and then some.

Overall, remote work productivity research has found employees have actually been more productive than they ever were in the office. And even if they aren’t overproducing, studies show the majority of workers are at least keeping the same pace as they did when they still had to commute.

Either way, there hasn’t been a giant dip in output and employers are loving it. One survey found 83% of employers now say the shift to remote work has been successful for their company. Bet they weren’t that confident in the shift a year ago.

Now obviously there are outliers. There are people that have struggled with the transition and have loathed working at home. There are also people that have been killing it at home but still want to get back to their cubicle asap.

Current estimates have found about 71% of the American workforce is doing things remotely still and that there’s essentially a 50/50 split between those who want to continue doing things this way and those that want to go back to the office. Should be interesting to see which side wins over the next year.

Source: The Ladders

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