Corey Davis Expects Sam Darnold To Be Starter Next Season For Jets

Experts and fans have assumed that the New York Jets will take a QB with the Number 2 pick in the upcoming draft, but there is one guy that is still on current Jets QB Sam Darnold’s side.

Corey Davis told reporters that he is expecting Darnold to be "the guy" heading into the season.

"Obviously, I'm coming with my understanding that Sam is the guy," Davis said. "That doesn't scare me away at all. I've seen Sam do great things, and I have all the belief in him. Whatever direction they decide to go, it's on me to make sure that I'm ready."

Davis was one of the biggest signings for the Jets this offseason, as he is expected to provide some much-needed help in the passing game for a team that had the second-fewest passing yards in the entire league last season.

But Jets fans may be disappointed to hear that Darnold might be coming back as the starter next season, as he has been an underwhelming performer since he was drafted by the team in 2018. However, he could be getting a shot to prove himself after the departure of head coach Adam Gase, who many believe was holding the team back during his tenure.

Source: ESPN

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