Adam Sandler May Be Developing Sequels To 3 Of His Classic Films

Adam Sandler may have gotten a Razzie this year but there was a time when Sandler ruled the movie screen.

Case in point, the movies Adam starred in before his Happy Madison Production company was established in 1999. This year marks the 25th anniversary of “Happy Gilmore” and although Sandler has entertained the idea, things got serious when insider Daniel Richtman began saying the project was in the works. Also, Richtman says Sandler’s films Billy Madison and The Waterboy could also receive sequels but Sandler doesn’t own the rights to the movie since they were made prior to 1999..... So can “Billy Madison,” “The Waterboy” or “Happy Gilmore” really happen?

Per Sandler’s contract with Netflix Happy Madison Productions can’t be involved and Netflix would have to buy the rights or another studio would have to foot the bill, hey, it could happen. Netflix would either need to purchase the rights or Sandler will have to go to another studio.

Would a sequel for Adam Sandler's earlier movies work in 2021? Let us know in the comments!

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