A 12-Year-Old’s Website Helps Thousands Of Seniors Get Vaccines

Sam Keusch, 12, knows the pandemic has been tough on seniors, many of whom haven’t seen their families in months, like his own grandparents. He also understands some older people are struggling to find vaccines, so he found a way to help those who might not be as tech savvy book appointments online.

The seventh-grader from Scarsdale, New York, watched his dad help his grandparents and neighbors book appointments, so he decided he could do it, too. Sam built a website, “Vaccine Helper,” that helps New Yorkers find out if they’re eligible for the COVID vaccine and get an appointment if they are. He books the appointments for each person who signs up, and so far he’s made more than 16-hundred for seniors, teachers and people with conditions that put them at higher risk.

The tween says he’s gotten countless emails from people thanking him for helping them get the shot. “I've had people tell me that they finally get to see their grandchildren for the first time,” Sam says. “And that's amazing, because not being able to see your grandchildren is tough.”

Source: CBS News

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