'Schitt's Creek' Released Bonus Episodes & Here's How To Watch Them

After sweeping the 2020 EMMYs and even before, people fell in love with the characters in Schitt's Creek..... ew David! The show created by Eugene and Dan Levy was a huge hit and has left anyone who watched wanting more from their characters and hilarious family plus the people living in the town Schitt's Creek!

Well the hilarious show is now releasing bonus episodes or 'webisodes' on their YouTube channel that will help you relive the magic that was Schitt's Creek. According to Elite Daily, there's more available on the Schitt’s Creek YouTube channel in the form of a web series called “Inside Schitt’s Creek.”

The web series features little vignettes that feature characters in the town like this house tour by Jocelyn.

And an honest review of the Rosebud Motel featuring Stevie and David!

Also a tour of Moira's extensive wig collection.

More Moira, Alexis and David? Yes please! Watch the entire YouTube series here.

Photo: Getty

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