Priyanka Chopra Is Opening An Indian Restaurant In NYC

Priyanka Chopra has announced that she will be opening an Indian restaurant in NYC!

The venue will be upscale dining and will be called Sona. In an announcement about the business venture, she said, "I’m thrilled to present to you SONA, a new restaurant in NYC that I poured my love for Indian food into. SONA is the very embodiment of timeless India and the flavours I grew up with. The kitchen is helmed by the incredible Chef @harinayak, a masterful talent, who has created the most delicious and innovative menu, taking you on a food journey through my amazing country." She adds that the restaurant will be open next month.

 On Instagram, Priyanka also shared photos of the new restaurant as well as photos of her and Nick with the food.

According to Sona's Instagram, their tagline is "Timeless India in the heart of NYC." It also says they will be opening in late March.

Photo: Getty

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