NJ Pizzeria Gives Away 4K Meals During Pandemic

While many restaurants have been forced to close over the last year because they took a hit during the pandemic, one New Jersey eatery has been able to keep their doors open and help their community. Calabria Restaurant and Pizzeria in Livingston has kept their employees on staff and have fed thousands in need in their community.

Last November, they posted a message on social media offering help with no questions asked. “If you are not working/not getting a paycheck/struggling to make ends meet and run out of food or necessities...please don't let yourself or your kids go to sleep with an empty stomach,” read the post from the Ottaiano family, who runs the restaurant.

Since word of the offer got out, Calabria has donated more than 4-thousand meals to hungry people in need and they’re still at it. “It’s our time to give back,” explains Gabriella Ottaiano. “What we're here to do is just put a smile on people's face during this difficult time."

Source: Today

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