New York Announces 'Rules On Dancing' At Wedding Receptions

New York has announced new dancing rules at weddings as they announce that receptions for weddings may resume.

The state is saying that when wedding receptions resume next month, only members of the same party, household or family can dance together. Dancers also must wear a mask and stay six feet away from other couples, staying in their own “dancing areas or zones." Even during slow dances, couples must stay 6 feet apart from each other.

As far as live music goes it is allowed, but if they're unmasked or playing a wind instrument they need to be separated from the wedding guests by at least 12 feet or with a physical barrier in between.

Governor Cuomo announced that wedding receptions can resume on March 15th. Venues in New York will only be allowed up to 50% capacity or up to 150 guests. All guests at the wedding must get tested for COVID-19 before attending.

Photo: Getty

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