Tiktoker Invites Tinder Match’s Wife To Their Date

A round of applause goes out to TikTok user Nadiyah who matched with a man named “Eric” on Tinder. 

Nadiyah revealed she had the perfect response to someone who tried to play her. After finding Eric’s wife’s Facebook page and seeing that he was married and had been in a relationship with his wife for over two years AND has six kids, she decided to teach him a lesson..... While trying to plan a dinner date, Nadiyah suggested she bring a “friend” on the date and asked Eric for his approval, which he gave. Nadiyah later sent Eric a text message showing that she’d be there with Eric’s wife as her special guest. Nadiyah shared the conversations she had with Eric on TikTok, the screenshots, and more. All Eric could say once he realized he was busted, he texted simply, “You smooth.”

"I woke up and chose petty" says Nadiyah on her TikTok page.... Here's the video with the conversations below!

Have you dated someone only to find out later they were married? How did you let them know you knew?

Photo: Getty

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