A New Coronavirus Variant Discovered In New York City

A new coronavirus variant has been discovered in New York and officials say the B.1.526 variant has been detected as far back as November to the tune of about 12% of cases in the state. As with other variants, researchers aren’t sure if this one is more contagious or will make anyone sicker. But what they do know? That it may be more resistant to vaccines.

Speaking of vaccines, the Food and Drug Administration is endorsing Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use. The latest data tracks with previous information which has said that the product is safe and effective. But it’s not just about efficacy. While the vax is 72% effective in preventing illness overall, it prevents 100% of hospitalizations and death.

But that’s not all, unlike other vaccines, this one has no reports of any allergic reaction and prevents asymptomatic spread. An advisory committee at the FDA will meet tomorrow to review the request for emergency use authorization.

Source: New York Times

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