Photo Of Man In Hospital Bed Is Actually A Cake

We have seen some insane cakes in our life time. TikTok is flooded with cakes that look like they're a sandwich, or a cell-phone. However this photo definitely takes the cake!

The Bake King has gone viral for posting a photo of a man lying in a hospital bed, except it's not just a man lying in a hospital bed... it's actually a cake! This edible treat is for real, although most people looking at the photos are extremely grossed out by the idea of eating it. One user on Facebook writes: "This grosses me out on so many levelsI could never eat that.... I feel sick just looking at it.... But yes brilliant work making it look so real...amazing." Everyone in the comments section agrees that the cake is unbelievable, but seems a little too real to eat.

Ben Cullen, the award winning cake artist behind this masterpiece is known for making many un-edible objects into actual desserts! An example is the rubber duck sitting on the bathtub below!

Cullen has a viral TikTok page showing off all of his cake creations. You can also catch him on Channel 4 Extreme Cake Makers.

Photo: Getty

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