The Most Ethnically Diverse Cities In America Are...

America is made up of a diverse group of people of all colors, nationalities and religions, but there will always be some cities that represent the diversity of our nation better than others.

  • Well, WalletHub has just come out with a list of the Most Ethnically Diverse Cities in America.
  • They judged more than 500 of the largest cities across three indicators of ethnic diversity – ethnoracial, linguistic and birthplace.
  • Based on those factors, Jersey City, New Jersey tops the list as the most ethnically diverse city in the country, scoring a 75.62 out of 100 and landing at two for ethnoracial and linguistic diversity.
  • Oakland, California is number one for ethnoracial diversity, while San Jose, California is tops for linguistic diversity and Jackson, Wyoming is number one for birthplace diversity. 

Top Ten Most Diverse Cities In America

  1. Jersey City, NJ
  2. Gaithersburg, MD
  3. Germantown, MD
  4. Spring Valley, NV
  5. Silver Spring, MD
  6. New York, NY
  7. Rockville, MD
  8. Kent, WA
  9. San Jose, CA
  10. Oakland, CA
  • As for the least ethnically diverse city, Parkersburg, West Virginia lands at 501, earning a score of just 14.08, coming in second to last for linguistic diversity, and in the bottom five for ethnoracial diversity. 


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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