Case Dismissed Against Amy Cooper, Woman In Viral Central Park Video

The case against Amy Cooper has been dismissed after doing five therapy sessions.

In case you forgot, Amy Cooper is the white woman from the Central Park video that went viral after she was seen calling 911 on a Black man falsely accusing him of threatening her. The video that was recorded in May of last year was alleging that Chris Cooper (no relation) was threatening her. Prosecutors also said that Amy Cooper made a second call that same day saying Chris Cooper was also trying to assault her.

Amy Cooper faced a misdemeanor charge for falsely reporting an incident in the third degree. Tuesday, February 16th, that charge has officially been dismissed after Amy Cooper did five therapy sessions with Manhattan Justice Opportunities.

“Given the issues at hand and Ms. Cooper’s lack of criminal background, we offered her, consistent with our position on many misdemeanor cases involving a first arrest, an alternative, restorative justice resolution; designed not just to punish but to educate and promote community healing,” said Assistant District Attorney Joan Illuzzi. “Manhattan Justice Opportunities answered the call to assist. They engaged Ms. Cooper in a comprehensive, respectful program designed towards introspection and progress.”

The ADA says even though Chris Cooper did not want to be involved with the case the DA still pursued it because “we determined that the defendant’s offense wasn’t solely against one individual but was a threat to the community if allowed to go unchecked.”

The case against Amy Cooper is now sealed.

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