NYC Server Scores $7K Tip From Comedian

A server in New York City was speechless after getting an enormous tip last week. Ulyana Hrushchak was working at Lilly’s Cocktail and Wine when she was fortunate enough to have comedian Robyn Schall seated at one of her tables. Schall had enlisted help from her 140-thousand Instagram followers, asking them to chip in so she could give the money to waitstaff “during these hard times.”

The comedian says she expected them to donate maybe a thousand dollars, so she was blown away when the total reached $13-thousand. At the end of her meal, Schall surprised Ulyana with a $7-thousand tip, telling the server, “It’s yours to do whatever you want with it, I know times are so tough.” She then split the remaining thousands between other restaurant staff members.

Ulyana says the tip is more than twice what she usually makes in a good month. She’s planning to spend a lot of it on rent, bills and credit cards and to send some back home to family in Ireland. “I still feel like it wasn’t real,” she explains. “It’s one of these pinch-me moments.”

Source: Bloomberg

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