NYC Man Saves Elderly Woman In Snowstorm

A New York City man rescued an elderly woman who had wandered away from her home in the snow and crawled into his car to get warm. Pedro Correa’s neighbor on Staten Island let him know someone was inside his 30-year-old Honda CRX and when he checked, he found the 87-year-old woman there.

It was right before the latest snowstorm hit on Sunday and if it had been a few minutes later, when it was really snowing hard, Correa might not have seen her. He says the “frail” and “tiny” woman looked up at him and said, “I’m cold. I’m scared. Can you please help me?” So he rushed inside and got blankets to wrap her in to warm her up and then helped reunite her with her family.

Correa says he rarely uses the car and never leaves it unlocked, so if his neighbor didn’t let him know she was there, it could’ve been weeks before he found her. “Really seems like everything fell into place and angels were looking over her,” he says. “It’s a real blessing. It seems like a miracle.”

Source: New York Post

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