NYC Is Officially The #1 Best U.S. City For Pizza Addicts

NYC is officially the #1 best U.S. city for pizza addicts!

According to a newly released study by LawnStarter, New York was placed at number 1 for best U.S. cities for pizza addicts! They also concluded Americans consume around 3 billion pizzas per year! New York was also recorded to have the most Instagram posts of pizza more than anywhere in the U.S.!

How was this study done? The results came from the amount of pizzerias in each city per 100,000 residents, the average cost of pizza, the searching metrics for "pizza delivery," Instagram popularity of pizza places and search interest for "pizza delivery" compared to "food delivery" across 100 of America's largest cities!

What other cities made the list? Here's the ranking below:

  1. New York   
  2. Chicago 
  3. Pittsburgh  
  4. Cincinnati
  5. Tampa  
  6. St. Louis
  7. Las Vegas
  8. Atlanta 
  9. Cleveland 
  10. Richmond

Photo: Getty

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