Weird & Fun Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For That Special Person In Your Life

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re still struggling to think of what to get your significant other, Huffington Post has a few ideas, but they are far from your usual chocolates and roses.

The site has just shared their ideas for weird and fun gifts for that special person in your life, and some of them are even a little on the naughty side. 

Valentine’s Day gift ideas include:

  • Meathearts– Instead of candy sweethearts, send our S.O. heart-shaped beef-jerky with love messages.
  • Hug Me Chicken– Is your S.O. missing out on hugs during the pandemic? Well, now they can hug this giant rubber chicken, which actually crows.
  • Suction Cup Restraints– Want to have a little naughty fun in the shower, these will do the trick.
  • Penis Bong– It’s exactly what it says it is. Perfect for that toker in your life.
  • Angry Toaster– Looking for something to get someone who’s been burned by love? How about a toaster that prints nasty messages on their bread.
  • Purse That Looks Like Chocolate Cake– It looks like a cake, but sadly doesn’t taste like one. It does carry all your stuff though.
  • Pickle Bouquet– Who needs roses when you can send a bouquet of everyone’s favorite salty treat.
  • FanziaBox Wine Backpack– Perfect for the S.O. who loves hiking…and wine!
  • Vibrator Fruit Basket– This will certainly be the most pleasurable basket of fruit your love has ever gotten.
  • UV Sterilizer- Nothing says love like giving your S.O. something to help them get rid of germs.

Source:Huffington Post

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