NJ Woman Beats COVID Then Turns 110

Hilda Brown has had a lot to celebrate lately. The New Jersey woman has beaten the odds in more ways than one - she recently recovered from COVID and turned 110! Brown is now in the supercentenarian club - people age 110 or older. According to the site Gerontology Wiki, there are as many as 76 of them in the U.S. now and she’s lucky to be among them.

Miss Hilda has led a pretty impressive life so far. She lived through the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, but didn’t get it. Later she traveled as a church missionary and worked for 40 years as a waitress before retiring in 1980. She also drove a car until she was 93, walked until age 103 and didn’t stop crocheting until 105.

To celebrate her milestone, the birthday girl received a special delivery of 110 roses from her nephew and had a visit from her great-niece Kristen Howe and her great-great nieces through the window at her care center. Howe says her aunt is alert and talking, telling her usual stories and they’re impressed by her recovery. “We thought if anybody could beat it, she could,” Howe says. “She is amazing.”

Source: USA Today

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