Workers Consider Relocating If Working From Home Becomes Permanent

These days with so many people working from home it’s really conceivable to do your job from anywhere, and it sounds like some folks are all for that. 

A new Robert Half survey finds:

  • 51% of workers say they’d think about relocating to a different city if their company allowed long-term remote arrangements.
  • 4% have actually moved already for this reason.
  • As for why those folks would be interested in moving:
    • 37% said they’d love a change of scenery
    • 22% would do it to find lower cost of living
  • But remote working is not the most important thing to many, with 75% saying they would not be open to taking a pay cut from their current job to move.

When it comes to how companies feel about workers doing their job from anywhere

  • 50% of human resource managers say their company is open to the idea.
  • 50% say their organization has already allowed workers to relocate temporarily.
  • 38% have been supportive of permanent moves.
  • As for how companies plan to handle salaries when employees move
    • 74% say they’d have to look at the office’s location.
    • 23% would look at where the employee is now working from.
    • 3% haven’t made any decisions yet.

Source:Robert Half

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