Americans Are Carving Out Time For Self-Care

Considering how stressful life has been over the past 10 months or so, it’s more important than ever for folks to focus on self-care, and a new survey reveals that more and more people are realizing that. 

The survey finds:

  • 73% of Americans say they were extra conscious of needing self-care last year.
  • What’s more, 69% plan to practice even more self-care in 2021.
  • 67% say personal self-care routines they developed during the pandemic are going to stick with them in their daily life.
  • The top things Americans are doing for self-care include:
    • At-home spa rituals (47%)
    • Visiting the spa for treatments (41%)
    • Getting a mani/pedi at a nail salon (36%)
    • Getting a haircut at a salon/barber (34%)
    • Home hair treatments (34%)
    • Exercising outdoors (33%)
    • Working out in a gym (31%)
    • Getting hair colored at a salon (30%)
    • Taking a fitness class of any kind (29%)
    • Meditating (28%) 
  • In 2020, the average person said they only had 65 minutes a week to focus on self-care.
  • 45% hope to have more time in 2021.
  • And self-care is so important to some, they’ll do anything to get more time, including:
    • Move (35%)
    • Sell a personal belonging (33%)
    • Give up their favorite food (30%)

Source:SWNS Digital

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