Community Group Helps People Walk Home Safely

Over the last few months, there have been a string of attacks at subway stations in Brooklyn and one resident is doing something to help keep his neighborhood safe. Peter Kerre came up with the idea to organize a community-led group of volunteers to walk subway riders to and from their destinations and @safewalksnyc was born.

The project just started last week and they’ve already got nearly 150 volunteers and have carried about dozens of safe escorts. Folks who want to use the system just reach out through their Instagram DM with at least an hour notice. Then someone meets them and walks with them until wherever they feel safe. Kerre says it’s designed to be as non-intrusive as possible and they don’t ask for personal information, like addresses or contact numbers.

"Having residents local to the train stops step up to provide this safety by presence not only keeps us safe, but is enabling us to get to know our neighbors better, which is much needed in this time of isolation,” Kerre explains. “Because many New York residents do not have immediate family here, having someone to reach out to in case of emergency is necessary for so many different reasons, especially during a pandemic. Our community is our family."

Source: Good Morning America

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