Residents Of A New York Neighborhood Are Being Attacked By Squirrels

A strange thing has been happening in Queens, New York. Residents of the Rego Park neighborhood have been the victims of multiple squirrel attacks. There have reportedly been around 20 random squirrel attacks since Thanksgiving, all unprovoked.

Resident Vinati Singh said, "They have been randomly attacking people-attacking is anywhere from jumping onto them to scratching and biting aggressively. We don't know why it's happening."

Other residents have been attacked so brutally that they have been left bloodied. Micheline Frederick says she was attacked by a squirrel on December 21. Frederick stated, "The squirrel didn't care, it just wanted something-it wanted blood. For a few days afterward I would come out with a shovel, just in case, looking around."

NYC Health records do not show any positive cases of rabies among squirrels in 2020, and there haven't been any confirmed infections recorded in the last 10 years. Still - no one knows why squirrels in this specific neighborhood are attacking people.

Source: Fox News

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