Coney Island Is Getting A New Thrilling Roller Coaster This Summer

Deno's Wonder Wheel Amusement Park, home to iconic Coney Island rides like the 1920s-era Wonder Wheel, is getting a brand new roller coaster in the summer of 2021!

The historic amusement park just celebrated it's 100th anniversary, but sadly couldn't be open to celebrate because of COVID-19. This just means next year will be bigger than ever and we know it to be true with the announcement of a new roller coaster!

The park just announced with USA Today that they would be adding a brand new roller coaster to the park in 2021. The "suspended thrill coaster" will be their biggest investment ever, as third-generation owner Deno “DJ” Vouderis said that “It’s an important time to rebuild…We’re betting on the future of New York City and Coney Island.”

The ride will rise 68 feet tall and go up to 34 mph! This may not be as intense a ride as the other coasters there, but it will be great for families with younger children.

The ride will be called the "Phoenix," because of the way its suspended carts will mimic flying! “Its trains will hang beneath the tracks, and passengers will soar through the course on floorless, ski lift-like cars with their feet dangling,”USA Today shared.

Vouderis says the ride represents the rebirth of both Coney Island and NYC, “rising from the ashes.”

Photo: Getty

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