At Least 5 Women Attacked At The Same NYC Subway Station

A similar pattern of attacks have occurred in the Brooklyn subway station, that has women being hit from behind, punched in the face and knocked to the ground. The most recent attack happened this Saturday according to the police.

Since November, at least five women have been attacked inside the L train station on Morgan Avenue in East Williamsburg. The first attack came on November 17th when a woman said she was approached from behind and then punched in the face. Then again on December 11th another woman said she was also punched from behind, a third victim the day after Christmas was hit walking down the stairs and on Dec. 28th another similar attack occurred.

"He came out of nowhere, he started punching me. He hit my face, my chest, my shoulder," said victim Bianca Fortis.

The attacks have led to this Instagram post by Bianca to go viral on social media, warning the people of New York City!

Police say they arrested a 50-year-old man, charging his with four counts of assault. He was taken into custody on Dec. 30th and then released Jan 1st. A day later, another attack occurred in the same location with another female victim.

"He was coming down behind me, and he must have — from the angle and from what I've gathered — kicked me in the side of the face and head from behind," said Elizabeth Wakefield. "My immediate thought after it happened to me was, I really hope this doesn't happen again to somebody else."

Police did not confirm whether Wakefield's attack was linked to the others. But she said that after talking with the other victims, "it sounds like similar descriptions of what he looked like and pretty much the exact same style of attack, and the same exact subway stop," according to NBC New York.

No arrests have been made although Wakefield said she believes the attacker is the same.

"For sure, the exact same subway stop, it's the same person," Wakefield said.

Photo: Getty

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