NJ Cops Free Girl Stuck In Doll Stroller, Buy Her New One

A pair of cops in New Jersey responded to an unusual call for help and went above and beyond for the young citizen involved. Officers Robert Sobocinski and Ben Fox of the Paramus Police Department were called to a home where four-year-old Yasmeen “Nina” Saleh had managed to get a doll stroller stuck around her waist and her mom was unable to free her.

The officers determined that the safest way to get her out was to break the handlebar part of the stroller and Nina’s mom agreed. But when they got to work, the little girl started to cry. Officer Sobocinski tried to comfort her, telling her to hold his hand, but she was upset about her broken toy.

So when they left her house, the officers took a shopping detour at Target and bought Nina a replacement stroller and Sobocinski delivered it to her himself. She was grateful and thanked him for the gift and even the Paramus Police Chief is singing their praises. Chief Kenneth Ehrenberg says the department is “very proud of both of them for putting in that extra effort to make a child happy.”

Source: NJ.com

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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