An E-Bike Rider Runs Red Light And Gets Hit By Rolls-Royce

All the technology in the world won't help you if you don't stop at red lights. In New York City, 28-year-old cyclist Jakir Hossian was riding his E-bike in the Bronx when he was hit by a Rolls Royce late last month. Even more tragic, Hossain just died from his injuries. The unidentified driver of a blue Rolls Royce convertible struck Hossain while traveling north on Tunnel Exit Street. The driver remained at the scene and was not charged. An investigation by the NYPD Highway District's Collision Investigation Squad determined that the motorist had a green light when he struck Hossain. Multiple witnesses corroborated the story. Hossain is the 23rd cyclist killed this year - marking the second-highest total since Mayor Bill de Blasio took office.

Photo Credit: Getty Images