Do You Have To Go To Your Virtual Office Party?

While some people love an office holiday party, others dread it, and that will probably be true this year with office holiday parties going virtual. So, is it okay to skip a virtual holiday party? Well, that’s what one person wants to know.

A worker wrote into the "New York Post" sharing that their boss is holding a virtual holiday party this year, where participants must wear an ugly sweater and participate in a “stupid” white elephant gift exchange. The employee notes that they're “Zoomed out,” adding, “this forced merriment might push me over the edge,” and wants to know if they really have to participate.

Well, the paper’s “Go To Gregg” advice columnist advises the OP to suck it up and take part. He notes, “In theory, you don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do, but sometimes, it helps to just be silly with family, friends and, yes, even your colleagues, to help ease the tension and stress of daily life.” Gregg suggests the OP “play along,” and even have fun with the “stupid white elephant game,” adding, "It’s better than having to figure out the perfect real gift for someone at work. Now, that is stressful."

Source: New York Post

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