NY Waitress Moved To Tears By $1K Tip

A waitress in New York state was blown away by a generous tip she received recently. Cassie was crying happy tears after getting a $1,000 tip from a stranger. “It pays my rent for like three months, so thank you,” she says as she tears up.

So who was this big tipper? Credit for the extra money goes to Caitlin Reilley, a photographer in Buffalo. She reached out to her followers on Instagram to get their help raising cash to give to the server. Within a few days, she had raised $2-thousand and says she gave the other half of it to a local frontline worker.

“With local businesses having to shut down due to covid and the holidays coming up, I wanted to show some love to someone,” Reilley captions the video of the act of kindness. She had never met Cassie before, but says she wanted to give the money to someone it would really help. Cassie says the money has “alleviated the pressure that was keeping me up at night.”