Police Break Up A Real Life Fight Club In New York City

New York City sheriffs broke up an unlicensed fight club Saturday night, finding more than 200 people drinking, smoking, and fighting without social distancing. The more than 200 attendees of the "Rumble in the Bronx" were caught inside a city warehouse.

Police found the massive crowd "watching and participating in an amateur fighting event." Deputies also seized two illegal guns and "a significant amount of marijuana" as they broke up the party. Very few people had masks on at the event as well.

In total 10 people were arrested, including Rumble in the Bronx CEO Michael Roman, who faces eight charges including unlawful assembly and conducting a prohibited combat sport. He also maintains an active social media presence, promoting fights in cities around the country. On Saturday night they posted a promo for a December event in Orlando, promising food, drinks, hookah, a live stream - and free masks at the door for attendees.

Source: NBC NEWS

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