Here’s How People Really Feel About Holiday Shopping This Year

The holiday shopping season is upon us, and there’s no doubt it will look different this year. So, how is everyone planning to do their shopping this year?

A new 97th Floor survey finds:

  • 68% of shoppers say they plan to do most of their holiday shopping online.
  • 52% of shoppers say they don’t ever expect to go to a store for their holiday shopping again.
  • 81% say even if retailers offer great in-store experiences, they still don’t think they’d want to shop in person.
  • 54% want to do their holiday shopping in early November to avoid crowds.

The study also uncovered shoppers’ interesting feelings about shopping over the holidays, and some revelations may surprise you. They include:

  • 48% of shoppers are more concerned about having packages stolen from their doorstep than catching COVID-19.
  • One in three shoppers plan to wear a mask even when shopping online.
  • 19% want the term “Black Friday” changed to something less racial.
  • 20% of shoppers would rather step on a lego than deal with holiday crowds this season.
  • 88% of parents are unsure whether to let their kids sit on Santa’s lap this year.
  • 45% of shoppers believe they are more likely to get hurt in a Black Friday doorbuster sale than they are to catch the coronavirus
  • Only 26% of people who’ve gone to a Black Friday midnight sale say it’s worth it. 

Source:Yahoo Finance

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