Did You Know Your Shower Curtain Is The Dirtiest Thing In Your Bathroom!

While you may be cleaning yourself in the shower every day, how often are you actually cleaning your shower? That doesn't mean just wiping down the walls and unclogging the drain. You should also be washing your shower curtain—especially since a recent Safe Home study found that in terms of germ counts in the bathroom, your shower curtain has the highest. Yes, even higher than the toilet seat.

That's why experts say you should wash your shower curtain once every month. "I'd recommend washing your shower curtain at least once a month. If not that, then after every three months," says David Shell, a home improvement expert and founder of Tradesmen Costs.

"This on average makes around four to twelve washes a year, which isn't a lot and shouldn't take much time either." And while soap buildup may be unsightly, that is not the only reason you need to regularly wash your shower curtain. According to David Cusick, a home expert and chief strategy officer at House Method, neglecting this bathroom essential can cause mold and mildew.

Source: BestLifeOnline.com

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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