Over Half Of Americans Still Plan To Travel Over Thanksgiving

While Thanksgiving will definitely look different this year due to COVID-19, not everyone is ready to give up on holiday traditions, and that includes travel.

A new TripAdvisor survey finds:

  • 56% of Americans still plan to travel this Thanksgiving.
  • That number is down 14% from last year’s travel numbers.
  • Of those who are traveling, 36% plan to rely on their car to get them where they are going, while only 11% will take to the sky.
  • Rather than stay with family, 22% plan to stay in a hotel or vacation rental in order to practice social distancing.

When it comes to when they’ll travel:

  • Thanksgiving Day will be the busiest departure day, with 26% of folks on the road.
  • 43% of people plan to leave for Thanksgiving the weekend before.
  • 31% of travelers will return on November 27th, making it the busiest Thanksgiving return day. 
  • When it comes to travel locations, Key Largo, Florida is the fastest recovering destination, up 71% from last year. Other recovering locations include:
    • Sedona, AZ (+50%)
    • Key West, FL (+36%)
    • Scottsdale, AZ (+36%)
  • On the flipside, New York City is the slowest to recover, down 80% over last year, followed by:
    • New Orleans, LA (-75%)
    • Los Angeles CA (-62%)


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