Dr’s Tips For Managing Post-Election Stress

As if 2020 hasn’t been stressful enough, the election brought plenty more of it. A recent survey from the American Psychological Association finds 68% of Americans say this election is a significant source of stress, up from 52% in 2016. And now that the voting part has been done, there’s nothing else we can do, except find ways to manage our physical and emotional well-being. That’s easier said than done, right? These tips from holistic and integrative medicine physician Dr. Eudene Harry can help.

Have a plan - Election Day has finally come and gone, but try not to get caught up in the rehashing of the events while you try to make sense of it all. Dr. Harry explains that “marinating in negativity” rarely provides new information and is more likely to raise stress levels and leave us feeling drained.

Take a break - You know the only thing being talked about in the news will be the election, so try to give your mind and body a real break from social media and news while you process.

Start and end your day with something other than news - You may not be able to stay away from news all day, but Dr. Harry suggests taking news-free time at the beginning and end of the day to center yourself.

Lean into your social network - Reach out to your friends, family, and support group to help you cope with post-election stress.

Focus on eating healthy meals - Loading up on nutrient-dense foods may help offset some of the negative effects of stress. Fill your plate with kale, spinach, strawberries to ease the feelings of anxiety and muscle tension stress can bring. And eat plenty of essential fatty acids, complex carbs, and lean proteins to keep the body and brain going strong.

Exercise - This is one of the best ways to manage stress because it increases endorphins, reduces inflammation, improves brain health, cardiovascular health, and even our mood.

Source: Mind Body Green

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