Denver Voters Repeal Ban On Pit Bulls In Their City

Voters approved a repeal to Denver's pit bull ban with 64.5% support.

The debate on pit bulls in Denver got to the ballot after Mayor Michael Hancock vetoed a repeal on the ban earlier this year and city council did not have to votes to override the veto.

The vote will replace Denver's pit bull ban with a type of restricted license for dogs. Owners of pit bulls will need to register their dogs, limited to two per home and pay a higher fee than is required for other dogs. City councilman, Chris Herndon, argues that the breed specific legislation is ineffective and targets communities of color. Many people in Denver already own pit bulls, and repealing the ban would bring them out of the shadows and allow city officials to track and regulate the dogs.

While a lot of people backed Herndon's proposal, some people are afraid the dogs could potentially attack city residents.

City Council passed Herndon’s legislation, but then got veto'd by the Mayor. The mayor said that since many in Denver already own pit bulls, he wasn’t sure those already breaking the law would be inclined to sign up for a restricted license.

The breed was first banned in Denver in 1989.

Photo: Getty

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