Hertz Offers Free Rental Day To Help Voters Get To Polls

Today is Election Day and Hertz wants to help people get out and vote. The rental car company is offering free rentals for the day in a program they call “Drive the Vote.” When customers rent a car for at least two days, they’ll throw in a free day to make sure you get to the polls.

"We want to make it easier for people to exercise their right to vote -- especially those who need safe and reliable transportation," Laura Smith, Hertz’s executive vice president of global marketing and customer experience, explains in a statement. "We're happy to provide local and convenient mobility options to the communities we serve on Election Day."

This isn’t the only way the company is helping out. During the pandemic, they’ve provided $2-million in free month-long car rentals to over 2-thousand healthcare workers in New York City.

Source: CNN

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