Retired NY Firefighter Moonlights As A Stuntman…While Claiming Disability

After 25 years as a New York firefighter, John McGinty retired and has been pulling down over $136K annually with a disability pension. The problem? McGinty has an alias of John Mack – and that guy is a professional stunt man. Since 1999, “John Mack” has worked stunts for films like “The Bone Collector,” “The Bourne Ultimatum,” and “Tower Heist.” Even one of McGinty’s neighbors refers to him as “Johnny Stunts.” Unfortunately for him, his big secret seems to have come out as a result of a lawsuit he filed against a neighbor after a “defamation” and “name-calling” incident he says “hurt his career.” McGinty’s lawyer says there’s “nothing to hide here,” and just because he’s working as a stunt man doesn’t mean he’s inappropriately exerting himself.

Source: NY Post