Americans More Stressed Than Ever About Thanksgiving

Now that Halloween is almost here, it’s time to start turning our attention to the next big holiday, Thanksgiving, and considering all that’s happened this year, most folks won’t be enjoying their typical Thanksgiving celebration, and it’s stressing them out. 

  • A new survey finds:
  • While Thanksgiving is usually stressful, 53% of Americans believe it will be twice as stressful this year because of the pandemic.
  • It’s so bad that 10% expect they won’t be celebrating at all.
  • For those who are celebrating, 52% say they feel pressure to make it a perfect holiday.
  • 18% of those celebrating plan to cook their own Thanksgiving meal for the first time.
  • 50% of those celebrating believe planning for their dinner will be more difficult this year.
  • 55% are stressed at the idea of having to go to the grocery store to shop for their holiday meal.
  • 77% are hoping to have to make only one big grocery trip for their Thanksgiving meal to cut down on possible exposure.
  • And while grocery shopping is the top worry for most folks this holiday season (37%), it’s far from the only stress point. Other worries include:
    • Serving a dry turkey (25%)
    • Not making enough of a side dish (20%)
    • Not thawing the turkey out in time (19%)
    • Buying a turkey that’s too big to fit in the over (19%)
    • Burning a pie (17%)
    • Using salt instead of sugar for the cranberry sauce (16%) 

Source:SWNS Digital