Ex-NJ Gov. Chris Christie Has Been Hospitalized With COVID-19 For 6 Days

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has been in the hospital for nearly a week being treated for COVID-19, though specifics on his condition have not been made public.

Christie, 58, has not made any public statements since last Saturday and his doctors, friends and family have not addressed his treatment.

Someone familiar with the situation told NJ.com that the former governor was conscious, in good spirits and not on a ventilator, as some rumors have suggested.

Current NJ Gov. Phil Murphy said he had sent Christie a note on Wednesday and gotten a "very gracious" reply, but had no "insight" into his condition.

"He is a fighter, let there be no doubt about it," Murphy said. "He the quintessential Jersey fighter. We're all with him in thoughts, prayers, and we're here to do whatever we can for him."

Christie announced on Saturday morning that he tested positive for the novel coronavirus. He checked himself into the hospital later Saturday as a precaution. Christie's underlying medical conditions, including his weight and asthma, have been linked to severe COVID-19 complications in other patients.

The average COVID-19 hospitalization outside of China is five days. Christie has been hospitalized for six days.

In the week before his positive test, Christie spent four days helping President Trump prepare for the first presidential debate. The president, first lady and several people close to them have since tested positive for the virus.

Photo: Getty Images

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