NYC Bride Recounts Being Left at Altar by Groom Who Claimed Uber Was Late

A 29-year-old Brooklyn woman was devastated when her boyfriend of 10 years not only lied to her about paying for the wedding venue, but on the day of the wedding didn’t bother to show up after leaving her hanging for hours, claiming his Uber was late. She told her story on the podcast RealFix. Sasha Aristide was excited to marry her man, office manager Kevin Hyppolite in October 2018. The two got engaged in December of 2017 and started planning the $20,000 wedding — and Aristide thought everything was fine … until the wedding day.

Aristide said the first sign something wasn’t right was a phone call from her florist on the big day. “My florist called me and told me that the venue had not allowed her in to set up the flowers.” At 1:30 p.m., one of my bridesmaids told me that her brother had called the venue asking for the address and he had been told that there was no wedding scheduled for today. “Alarm bells went off in my head.” Aristide continued getting ready with her six bridesmaids and maid of honor in her Long Island hotel room before finding out the actual wedding venue had not received full payment. A frantic Aristide kept calling Hyppolite who kept insisting his Uber was late.

“To the last minute, he said he was coming, he told me he was on his way,” Aristide said. Aristide waited three hours before realizing Hyppolite wasn’t coming and breaking up with him — adding she was gas lit the entire time. To make matters worse, Hyppolite waited several weeks before reaching out to Aristide — by that time, Aristide was done. RealFix approached Hyppolite for comment and the runaway groom blamed “something personal” as his reason for not showing up, adding: “It wasn’t intentional, it wasn’t planned, it just happened that way”. He then denied he’d tried to get Aristide back but tried to leave the door open, saying the relationship could be repaired if Aristide was willing. Aristide is not willing.

Source: The Mirror

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