Television Judge Allegedly Forced Waiter To Engage In ‘bizarre sex act"

A new lawsuit claims Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano forced a waiter he met at a New Jersey restaurant to engage in a "bizarre sex act" involving father-son role play. James Kruzelnick says that on September 6, 2015, he visited Napolitano's home and witnessed him allegedly enter the living room with his pants down and declared, "I am really into certain things" and "I want you to do something for me." The suit says Napolitano then threw himself across Kruzelnick's lap and ordered him to spank him. "Napolitano then demanded that James Kruzelnick call him ‘son' while Plaintiff played the role of ‘daddy,' and spanked Napolitano." Kruzelnick seeks $15 million in damages from Napolitano, who denies all the allegations.

Photo Credit: Getty Images