The Worst Time Of Day To Shop At Walmart

Being in a packed Walmart store is never fun, but now that more people are trying to stretch their tight budgets, they’re flocking to the deals at the chain. But if you’re on the hunt for good deals and want to avoid a crowd and the coronavirus, it turns out there’s a time to avoid stepping foot inside the stores. According to insider information from Walmart employees, the very worst time to shop there is weekdays after lunch.

Several workers share that the ideal time to go is anytime before lunch on a weekday. “The earlier in the day you can shop, the better your experience will be,” Abigail Milby, a Walmart sales associate, explains. She says the highest traffic in stores is early to late afternoon weekdays. And Amy Reyna, a supervisor at the chain, agrees, adding, “If you’re looking to shop without a crowd, I would say anytime before lunch is the best.”

But what if you’re looking for in-demand items, like disinfecting wipes? Another Walmart employee, E. Clayton Rowe, suggests the ideal time to shop for those is right when the doors open. He also advises getting there as soon as they open if you’re shopping for toilet paper and non-perishable food. And these suggestions line up with the CDC’s recommendations that say it’s best to go shopping earlier to avoid big crowds that make social distancing in stores tougher.

Source: Best Life

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