NY Deputies Had To Stop People From Breaking Into A Safe

In Barre, New York, Kirk Mathes says he was out of town when a large safe was found sitting in one of the fields on his farm. Word spread quickly and it seems deputies had to disperse a crowd that showed up with sledgehammers, trying to open it.

The safe, which weighs between 500-600 pounds and had to be transported by heavy equipment, now sits in one of his barns and nobody knows where it came from. But whoever left it, also left a note saying whoever can open it, can keep what's inside. As far as Mathes is concerned it's just "some wise guy or kids."

And while the safe has become the talk of the town, Mathes says, "My personal feeling is, leave it as a mystery. If you open it, the show is over. In these times, with the virus and the politics, it might get people a chance to set their problems or troubles aside and have a lot of fun talking about it." 

Source: ABC

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