Mets Pitcher Marcus Stroman Opts Out Of 2020 Season

Great news for Mets fans as ace pitcher Marcus Stroman's recovery from a torn left calf muscle is almost complete meaning he headed into yesterday in line to possibly make his season debut for the New York next week against the Miami Marlins.

Stroman admitted that the idea of traveling to one of the country's coronavirus hot spots played a factor in that decision.

"Obviously, you see the Cardinals, the Marlins, you see spikes everywhere in the country, you see protocols not being handled properly from citizens everywhere,'' Stroman said. "You see us going to Florida soon. That was a big discussion I had with my family. Going to see the Marlins soon, that's something I don't want to be in that situation.''

Stroman said he had daily conversations with his family about what to do. His grandmother and uncle have compromised immune systems and are around his mother on a regular basis.

"This was a decision I had to kind of take myself out of it and look out for the best interests of my family,'' Stroman said.

Mets manager Luis Rojas said he understood Stroman's decision but was surprised.

Source: ESPN

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