Americans Find Comfort In Comfort Foods During Quarantine

In tell-us-something-we-don’t-already-know-news…a new survey finds Americans have been leaning on comfort foods during the coronavirus crisis.

According to the survey:

  • Three-quarters of Americans admit they have been eating more comfort foods than ever before.
  • It’s so bad that 37% have been going to those comforting foods daily, while another 38% are eating them every other day.
  • Potato chips is the top comfort food folks have been relying on to get them through (62%), followed by:
    • Ice cream (59%)
    • Chocolate/candy (58%)
    • Pizza (56%)
    • Mac and cheese (51%)
    • Pasta (46%)
    • Mashed potatoes (46%)
    • Chicken noodle soup (36%)

But specific foods aren’t the only thing that has been comforting people during the crisis.

  • 74% said cooking has helped them deal with the stress they’ve been feeling while at home.
  • 44% have actually learned a new recipe while in quarantine, while 32% have taken online cooking classes.

Source:SWNS Digital

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