NYC Is Officially Considered A 'Subtropical' Climate Zone

New York City is in the hot zone. Lately it the temperatures have been rising and the humidity is in full swing in New York. Most days it feels like we're in another country let alone NYC!

Once considered a 'humid continental climate,' now the city of New York is considered a 'humid subtropical climate zone.'

The New York Times recently published a report that showed a new distinction by the National Climate Assessment, classifying NYC as a subtropical climate. In order to classify somewhere as subtropical, an area must average summer weather above 72 degrees Fahrenheit and winters above 27 degrees Fahrenheit. The city met this requirement before in 1927, and the latter for the past five years on average (with some bursts of cold weather).

This year we had the second warmest winter temperatures from January to March, a record in Central Park at 42.5 degrees Fahrenheit. For reference, the warmest one recorded wasn't too long ago in 2012 at 43.1 degrees.

It is one of the hottest years on record for NYC and we're only just hitting August.

Photo: Getty

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